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Please Contact Us and let us provide any assistance you may require.

We can order any product you need !

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Free Engraving (on most items)
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Order Process - How To

At Awards For Less, we have made every attempt to make this process as simple and straight forward as possible. Listed below is detailed step by step account of the process to complete an order.
New Feature !! You can now save your order information to complete later. After you put items in your cart, you will be presented a link to save your order. You can then come back within 5 days and retrieve that order for purchase.
Step 1 Browse Products Choose the product categories you are interested in and when you are ready to order, click the Buy Now button next to the item.

Step 2 Initial Product Order Page Indicate the quantity desired, whether engraving (and in some cases, what type) will be required, whether a logo is needed (if available), and any Special Instructions you may want to include.

Press the Continue button.

Note: If "No Engraving" was selected, the site will go to the Shopping Cart page (skip to Step 4).

Step 3 Enter Engraving Information You have an option of selecting from some predefined wording templates or enter your own text.

If you are only purchasing one item, then simply complete the engraving lines and press the Update Cart button.

If you are purchasing more than one, then the site presents the concept of a Master Plate. This would be the wording that is consistent for all of the items to be engraved. For example, if all the words were the same except for some names, then you would enter your words and then leave a blank line where the names would go.

Press the Apply Engraving button.

Next, a screen with individual engraving plates for the quantity requested will be presented (if you entered a quantity of 5, then 5 plates would be displayed). The Master Plate information previously entered will be populated in each of the individual plates. At this point, you would go through each and add names or adjust as necessary.

Once you have entered all of your engraving information, press Update Cart.

Note: You will have an opportunity to make changes/review all information entered to this point.

Step 4 View Cart This page will display each product you have in your shopping cart and the total price for all the items. For each product, it lists the product number, description, unit price, quantity requested, total price and number of engraving lines.

From this page, you can do the following:

  • Browse for other products and add them to your cart using the steps above.
  • Edit order information for each product (including changing engraving information). To do this, just click the item number link for the product.
  • Preview the engraving plates for each item. Just click the Preview link within the "Engraving Lines" description for the product.
  • Preview the shipping costs for the items in your cart. To do this, click the Preview Shipping Costs link under the final price.
  • Remove an item from your cart. Click the Remove From Cart link for the product.
  • Proceed to the Checkout Process (press Proceed To Checkout)

Step 5 Enter Customer Information This is where a customer would enter their contact information, billing and shipping address.

Be sure to complete this information carefully. Contact Information like email address and phone number are very important.

Once you have entered all of your information, press Continue Checkout Process.

Step 6 Choose Shipping Option Shipping options and costs from UPS are presented on this page.

Choose a shipping option and press Continue Checkout Process.

Step 7 Final Checkout This is where the payment information is collected. A screen similar to the View Cart screen is displayed. Additional information includes possible tax and shipping cost in the final price.

To complete your order, enter your credit card information and press Submit Order.

When this button is pressed:

  • Your credit card information will be passed to the payment gateways and banks for processing. We do not store any of this information in our databases.
  • The order information is saved to our databases.
  • An email confirmation is sent to indicate that the order has been received.

Step 8 Order is Shipped When an order is shipped, an email notification will be sent. This will include the UPS tracking number for your reference.

Note: The emails sent from Step 7 and Step 8, provide information to view the order information and its status.
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